Chocolate Covered Strawberries… Soaked in Vodka





Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? I decided to try out these soaked in vodka for the Alice in Wonderland party.2013-01-30_0003 copy


All you need is a bottle of vodka, strawberries and chocolate melts! Simple & easy recipes = my specialty

2013-01-30_0004 copySince I didn’t get the strawberries until the day before the party I put them into our Vacuum Sealer container. It helped marinade the vodka through the strawberries quicker and let soak over night in the refrigerator.

2013-01-30_0002 copy

Drain the vodka and save for later! Pat dry the strawberries and then dip in the melted chocolate. I put them in the freezer until they hardened.

2013-01-30_0001 copy






Clicks for Hope Campaign

One of my favorite parts of my “job” is being able to give back. Several photographers are teaming up to give back to this family! This sweet little girl was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Her father just ended his 2 year battle with cancer. The family is hoping to raise $50,000 to cover expenses left from dad and upcoming expenses of the recent diagnosis.This auction is for a session of your choice (newborn, family, children, maternity) Prize includes a regular session… with 20 edited images from your session and a print release. Value of $950

Auction opens now through Sunday Feb 3, 2013 6pm.
Kindly place your bid in the comment section of the facebook page. Serious bidders only.

If you like to donate directly to this little girl’s cause please visit the website on the side of the flyer or click here:

If you are a professional photographer and would like to participate in Clicks for Hope please private message me on facebook as well.


A Very Merry Un-Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated my future Sister-In-Law, Kelley’s birthday with an Alice in Wonderland theme!
2013-01-29_0001 copy

My mom turned the flask into a heart lollipop vase & I hung up the cards, dress and keys to the window. The White rabbit was next to a jar.. that was supposed to be filled with cookies…. Ooops!
2013-01-29_0004 copy

Even though it has recently snowed we had some flamingos stop by and the talking doorknob was a simple print out I added to the door!

2013-01-29_0003 copy

The mini Alice was actually from a happy meal toy I got years ago. Which I used for a school project as well. 2013-01-29_0002 copyWhats a tea party with out tea cups? And we didn’t forget to get the Queen red roses!

2013-01-29_0006 copy

For appetizers we had Bill the Lizard’s Olive Cheese Spread and Crackers, The Caterpillar’s Stuffed Mushrooms and Dormouse’s Cheese Dip and Tortilla Chips!

2013-01-29_0007 copyMaeby is Erik and Kelley’s baby dog.. although she had the body of a pig and snorts like one too. We love her anyway.

2013-01-29_0010 copy 2013-01-29_0013 copyDinner included The White Queen’s Spinach Pasta, The White Rabbit’s Tossed Salad, March Hare’s Glazed Carrots and The Cheshire Cat’s Crab Cakes!
2013-01-29_0011 copy

We sang happy birthday & she got to blow out her candles on a tower of cupcakes of course!
2013-01-29_0008 copy

For dessert we ate Alice’s Lemon Cupcakes, The Queen of Heart’s Chocolate Bites, and Tweedledee & Tweedledums Chocolate Covered Vodka Soaked Strawberries. (The recipe and how to is coming later this week! You don’t want to miss it!) 2013-01-29_0009 copy

2013-01-29_0012 copySomeone had a little bit too much fun. She’s quite the party animal.2013-01-29_0005 copy

I can’t wait for the wedding! I got my plane tickets booked. Rhode Island here we come!

Lemasters Family & Elijah’s 6 Month Photos

2013-01-16_0001How cute is Elijah? With those baby blues and such a happy personality, he was perfect to photograph!


This little boy was adopted into one of the best families. He is not only loved by his parents but he is ridiculously adored by his two big sisters.2013-01-16_0002The whole family including their lovable dog, Libby! I had such a great time getting to know all!

Monthly Quote | January 2013

I have joined a group with some incredible photographers around the world to participate in a Monthly Quote Project. On the 15th of each month we will all be posting a quote and how we’ve translated that quote into a photograph. We will also include a link to a fellow photographers post and the cycle will continue. So if you’re interested in seeing how we’ve translated you can click through each blog!

I am really looking forward to this. As I have become a business, I haven’t picked up a camera in a while just to go shoot for fun. This will push me to not only get out their and shoot something non-business related, but it will help with my creative flow and I’m hoping it will push me to think outside the box.

January 2013 quote, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” -Semisonic, Closing Time


Don’t forget to check out my friend Krista Browning’s translation —> Click here! 🙂

Throwback Thursday

This post is dedicated to all you instagram lovers. Thursday on Instagram is known as “Throwback Thursday” where you post  old photos of you and your loved ones. This is the first newborn I ever photographed.


Adrianna is my best friend daughter and this was the first day I ever got to meet her. She is part of the reason I’m in the business that I’m in. It has been amazing watching her grow up and crazy to think she’s not that tiny baby anymore. She is my favorite little nugget and quite hilarious now with her own little personality.

2013-01-10_0003.jpgI clearly had no idea what I was doing or wanted to do over 3 years ago when it came to my niche in photography. I took these for fun when we got to spend together but I am so happy to see how much my work has progressed from the first time I started.