Monthly Quote | January 2013

I have joined a group with some incredible photographers around the world to participate in a Monthly Quote Project. On the 15th of each month we will all be posting a quote and how we’ve translated that quote into a photograph. We will also include a link to a fellow photographers post and the cycle will continue. So if you’re interested in seeing how we’ve translated you can click through each blog!

I am really looking forward to this. As I have become a business, I haven’t picked up a camera in a while just to go shoot for fun. This will push me to not only get out their and shoot something non-business related, but it will help with my creative flow and I’m hoping it will push me to think outside the box.

January 2013 quote, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” -Semisonic, Closing Time


Don’t forget to check out my friend Krista Browning’s translation —> Click here! 🙂

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