A Very Merry Un-Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated my future Sister-In-Law, Kelley’s birthday with an Alice in Wonderland theme!
2013-01-29_0001 copy

My mom turned the flask into a heart lollipop vase & I hung up the cards, dress and keys to the window. The White rabbit was next to a jar.. that was supposed to be filled with cookies…. Ooops!
2013-01-29_0004 copy

Even though it has recently snowed we had some flamingos stop by and the talking doorknob was a simple print out I added to the door!

2013-01-29_0003 copy

The mini Alice was actually from a happy meal toy I got years ago. Which I used for a school project as well. 2013-01-29_0002 copyWhats a tea party with out tea cups? And we didn’t forget to get the Queen red roses!

2013-01-29_0006 copy

For appetizers we had Bill the Lizard’s Olive Cheese Spread and Crackers, The Caterpillar’s Stuffed Mushrooms and Dormouse’s Cheese Dip and Tortilla Chips!

2013-01-29_0007 copyMaeby is Erik and Kelley’s baby dog.. although she had the body of a pig and snorts like one too. We love her anyway.

2013-01-29_0010 copy 2013-01-29_0013 copyDinner included The White Queen’s Spinach Pasta, The White Rabbit’s Tossed Salad, March Hare’s Glazed Carrots and The Cheshire Cat’s Crab Cakes!
2013-01-29_0011 copy

We sang happy birthday & she got to blow out her candles on a tower of cupcakes of course!
2013-01-29_0008 copy

For dessert we ate Alice’s Lemon Cupcakes, The Queen of Heart’s Chocolate Bites, and Tweedledee & Tweedledums Chocolate Covered Vodka Soaked Strawberries. (The recipe and how to is coming later this week! You don’t want to miss it!) 2013-01-29_0009 copy

2013-01-29_0012 copySomeone had a little bit too much fun. She’s quite the party animal.2013-01-29_0005 copy

I can’t wait for the wedding! I got my plane tickets booked. Rhode Island here we come!

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