Baby Bean Bag Chairs

I mean babies really have it the best? They get to sleep whenever they want, fed, and cuddled? But if thats not enough.. We can always get them this Baby Bean Bag Chair for lounging and napping! 🙂

Baby Beanbag

The Australian Company, Three Silly Kitties, is selling these baby bean bag chairs.  The come in a standard or deluxe version and are priced between $45 and $60!

Reasons to purchase a Baby Bean Bag for your little one:

Relieves Reflux – Babies can sit upright depending on how the beans are positioned inside.

Prevents Flat Head – Support without lying down flat.

Years of Use – Interchange upper layers to allow the Baby Bean Bag to follow your child as they grow.  The only product that can be safely used for many years!

Cosy – Moulds into a comfortable position depending on the use.  Consider using it upright for feeding or flatter for relaxing in front of the TV.

Safe – Two ‘safety zips’ to ensure beans remain encased in the bag.  They can only be opened with a paper clip, safe from little fingers.

ACCC Approved – All TSK Baby Bean Bags meet mandatory Australian safety standards.

Portable – Extremely lightweight for easy transport.  Take it everywhere you go!

Durable – Can be used inside or outside.

Easy to Clean – Remove top layers for gentle machine washing and the base unit can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth.

Flexible – Extra upper layers available for a change of colour.

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