Five On Friday | February 22


Someone got a hair cut! Oh wait, who could it be? Yes. I chopped off over 5 inches! Still getting used to it, I havent cut my hair short in 8 years! Lovin it2013-02-21_0002

Oh how I love getting new jewelry. I also am known to lose it so I used the sale at Forever 21 to add to the collection! Bows  & Hearts and sparkle! YES PLEASE!


I havent got my nails done in a long time, and I usually always get the simple french manicure but along with the hair change.. I needed a nail change so I went with a bright barbie pink and fun design! Makes me want spring and summer to hurry up already!!?


Its no secret I don’t like seafood, but I went out on a limb and tried sushi a year ago.. I love it! Of course I only eat Shrimp Tempura (Fried Shrimp and the ONLY kind of seafood I will eat) along with a vegetable roll. Ziki’s Japanese Steakhouse in Annapolis… NEW FAVORITE. I mean they put tempura batter on the sushi and fried the whole roll too. Who can go say no to that?2013-02-21_0005Once again.. Who doesn’t love a Nicholas Sparks book turned movie? Everybody does! My favorite all time movie is A Walk To Remember, and Save Haven isn’t too far behind. It was really good with just enough sappy love story. I didn’t read the book, but I know others who said they weren’t disappointed. Highly recommend paying to see this one ladies & gents 🙂


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