April Photo-A-Day Challenge | Amy Lorraine Photography

April Photo a Day

Above is the list for April Photo-A-Day Challenge! Take a photograph that related to the day. Share the photo on your blog, facebook, instagram or wherever. I would love to see your images so comment with a link to yours! Tag your instagram with #ALPphotoaday so I can see them all! Mine will be posted on a facebook album weekly and on instagram daily @AmyLorrainePhoto

Christmas in March | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Who doesn’t like to get happy mail? I love it, especially when the box is even this dang cute! I didn’t recognize the name and  being the avid online shopper that I am,I wasn’t expecting anything. To my surprise it was the secret santa present I had forgotten about!Photographer Secret Santa | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange for fellow photographers. I totally forgot I never received mine. There was the nicest card from my Santa and its always better late than never! Photographer Secret Santa | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

My favorites would have to be the camera necklace (which the stone matches the awesome scarf) and the camera ornament. Who doesn’t love anything that sparkles? So thank you Holly! I loved it all!

Cinnabunny Recipe | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Cinnabunny Recipe | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

I wanted to try the super simple recipe I saw on Pintrest. How fun will these be on Easter Morning?  The rolls came in a pack of 8 so you get 4 bunnies. Cinnabunny Recipe | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Take four rolls and leave them in the spiral. Unroll the other four and fold them in half twice to make the ears. Squish together and bake! Drizzle with icing and enjoy! Cinnabunny Recipe | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Kelley’s Bridal Shower | amylorrainephotography.com

Yesterday I spent the day at my soon to be sister in laws bridal shower. We all had so much fun! I can’t wait until the wedding.. Only  40 days left!

Table Decorations | amylorrainephotography.com

It was fabulous with Girl Scout Cookies and Mimoas.Soon To Be Mrs. | amylorrainephotography.com

The Guest of Honor, Kelley!Decorations and Pictures  | amylorrainephotography.com

Some old pictures of Kelley and some star wars pictures too!Love is patient bracelet | amylorrainephotography.com

Opening gifts.. This is a bracelet from my mom with the love is patient quote on it.Door Knocker | amylorrainephotography.com

A really adorable engraved door knocker with the quote “We’re All Mad Here” from Alice in Wonderland.Wine Glasses | amylorrainephotography.com

Kelley’s last name is Barr and so we did the play on words.. The Hohl’s Barr!  Cute Pillow | amylorrainephotography.com

This awesome pillow was a gift from my cousins!DIY Bridal Shower Gift | amylorrainephotography.com

This is the gift my sister and I put together for Kelley. My brothers name is Erik and my other brother Brian couldn’t pronounce it an so Air-Wick was perfect fit to replace his name.Parrty  | amylorrainephotography.comAnchor and Crab  | amylorrainephotography.com

The Crab and Anchor is the family crest they created.Mothers | amylorrainephotography.com

The Mothers!Happy Couple | amylorrainephotography.com

Happy Couple  | amylorrainephotography.com Happy Couple | amylorrainephotography.comThe happy couple! and if you can’t already tell my brother is the worst model ever. Thanks Erik.

Party Favors  | amylorrainephotography.comAnd the awesome “Always Be Prepared” Party Favors 🙂

Brooke’s 6 Month Session | Amy Lorraine Photography | Anne Arundel County Photographer

6 month Session | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

How sweet is she!? It’s been fun getting to watch brooke grow up. She looks so much like her older brother Jake with the blonde hair and blue eyes!6 month Ravens Session | Amy Lorraine Photography

Brookes mom is a big Raven’s ran so we had to get a few of her in uniform after their big Superbowl win! 6 month Session | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

I can’t wait to see her in 6 more months at her cake smash!

Five On Friday | Amy Lorraine Photography


Had a fun night coloring and eating at Ledo’s with my favorite little nugget!


FINALLY! Found a cute Toy Story sweatshirt in my size! Thank you Forever 21! This is a hint for my halloween costume! 🙂


I got Wreck It Ralph on DVD Saturday and I’ve watched it before bed every night since. Partly because its hilarious and partly because its in my DVD player and I don’t feel like getting up to change it.


This Maryland weather is playing with my emotions. I want the warm weather to come back and to stay!


We meet again Girl Scout Cookie. Out of sight, out of mind. In sight, in my belly.

DIY Beer Cake | Amy Lorraine Photography

DIY Beer Cake | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Last week I helped my mom put together this beer cake for a friend’s surprise birthday so I thought it would be great to put together for my brother’s birthday with Half & Half Arnold Palmers!DIY Beer Cake | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Its very easy to make! You will need:

-30 can beverages (can be more or less depending on your cake sizes)

-ribbon and decorations

-circle cardboard cut outs

DIY Soda Cake | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

Put the first circle cardboard cut out down wherever you want the cake to be displayed. Not intended to travel. Then add the bottom layer of cans. Ours both had 14 on the bottom. Then place next smallest cardboard on top and add middle later of cans. Repeat with the top layer of cardboard and cans. Finish with ribbon around each layer to secure and curling ribbon throughout for decorations. Decorate the rest until you’re complete!