Operation Welcome Home Maryland

Since March 2007, Operation Welcome Home volunteers have greeted over 400,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard service members.  You’re invited to come on out to the International terminal at BWI and help us welcome them home! I have the awesome opportunity to photograph the event on March 20th!  If you would like to attend please check out the website for more information. ITS VERY IMPORTANT on the day you plan to attend, PLEASE call the hotline (410-630-1555) before you leave home or work to verify that the event is still on, and on-time. If you would like to make cards please do! You can bring them to the event, mail them in or I would be happy to make arrangements to get them from you before March 20th.

  • PLEASE consider bringing handmade “thank you” cards from your child’s school, church, or other community organization:
  • Please DO NOT date the cards or include full names or email addresses.
  • The cards can be made from half of an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper/card stock/construction paper. The paper can be cut in half, then folded like a card. OR, any size, even if it does not fold.
  • In or on the card, a simple verse is good. Suggestions: Thank you for your service, Welcome Home, We appreciate your heroism, You Rock, Thank you for keeping us safe, Thank you for being there, Glad you are home, or God Bless America and You.
  • Embellishments of stars, hearts, flags, balloons, or any fun thing you want to put on the cards are great. Some folks use stickers, sponge stars, anything they have on hand.
  • PLEASE: Keep it positive and suportive–nothing negative.
  • Either bring the cards to one of our events, or mail them to this address

    OWHMD Card Donations
    6123 Oak Hill Dr.
    Sykesville, MD 21784

A special thank you to Shannon O’Brien who is Miss Maryland International 2013! Shannon and I went to high school together and I saw her blog post about the event, thats how I heard about it and got involved! Shannon is doing a lot of good for our community and I hope to continue working with her throughout her reign! Please take a minute to ‘like’ her facebook page and check out her blog!

3 thoughts on “Operation Welcome Home Maryland

  1. Can’t wait to enjoy the night together. What a special moment it will be thanking the troops for their service and welcoming them home right here in Maryland. So glad to have you in my life through the years, Amy! Looking forward to working with you now and in the future. Good luck with all of your endeavors!!!

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