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June Photo a Day

Above is the list for June Photo-A-Day Challenge! Cant wait to see your CREATIVITY again this month ūüôā

For those of you new, Take a photograph that related to the day. Share the photo on your blog, facebook, instagram or wherever. I would love to see your images so comment with a link to yours! Tag your instagram with #ALPphotoaday so I can see them all! Mine will be posted on a facebook album weekly and on instagram daily @AmyLorrainePhoto

Oklahoma, we’re here for you.

If you would like to donate $10 to the disaster relief fund, text REDCROSS to 90999.

If you would like to donate $10 to the disaster relief fund, text REDCROSS to 90999.

I can’t image what its like right now. Thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and all the well wishes going your way. I have never seen such¬†destruction before. May time heal the hearts of those families going through the destruction and those who have lost loved ones.¬†If you would like to donate $10 to the disaster relief fund, text REDCROSS to 90999.


Merwin Family Session | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Family Photography | www.amylorrainephotography.com


I got to photograph this family just after their twins turned one!  As I was portfolio building I photographed the twins as newborns last year. Its so fun to watch them grow over the first year! Children Photography | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Older brothers and sisters are a big help at sessions. They always know the silly things to do to get their siblings to smile and laugh.

First Birthday Photography | www.amylorrainephotography.com

I mean really? Can you have any cuter kids? Thank you ¬†for letting me photograph your gorgeous family! I’m glad I could help you finally get a pictures of all six of you together!


Okay.. So I lied… | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

I said after my brothers wedding I would have awesome pictures.. And while I have a few images from the weekend. I realized… I didn’t take a picture of the happy couple. Well, minus the few I snapped with my iPhone. Truth is, I wanted to enjoy myself, and while I enjoy taking photographs, it was nice not worrying about taking pictures. They hired the wonderful Michelle, who is the owner and photographer of Dimery Photography! So I left it to the professional! She also gave me permission to share the sneak peak which we all LOVE. We can’t wait to see the rest!


Check out her website and like her facebook!

But now onto the weekend..BWI TO RI | www.amylorrainephotography.com


We started Thursday off way too early for my liking and flew up from BWI first thing in the AM. Dunkin Donuts is a recurring theme in this trip. The Black Pearl | www.amylorrainephotography.com

After we landed, got to the hotel and changed we went exploring in Newport. We ended up at The Black Pearl for lunch and sat outside. Although we ALL forgot sunglasses and it was painfully bright out.Lunch at The Black Pearl | www.amylorrainephotography.com

My Dad and brother got Duck Salads while my little sister got a huge bacon cheeseburger! Newport, Rhode Island | www.amylorrainephotography.com

We took a walk around the harbor and stopped in a few shops!Chicken Maryland | www.amylorrainephotography.com

For dinner we went to Duffy’s Tavern and¬†Restaurant, where they have Chicken Maryland, and Maryland Crab Cakes. The Chicken Maryland was delicious!Lobster | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Of course they had to get Lobster!Seafood | www.amylorrainephotography.com

And more and more and more seafood!


Fell asleep at the decorating party, woke up with a fluffy dog on top of me.

Helping Set Up | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Friday was a day of setting up and getting everything ready at Camp Hoffman.Getting Ready | www.amylorrainephotography.com

We had signs to make and centerpieces to put together, along with other decorations and  lights to hang.Guest Book | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Their guest book!Rehearsal Dinner | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Friday Night was the “Rehearsal Dinner” where everyone in town was welcome to join at Salvation Cafe!


Guess what.. My dress had pockets and that makes it 100x’s better.

The R2-D2 card box is actually a trashcan my brother hand painted!

Table Seatings | www.amylorrainephotography.comwww.amylorrainephotography.com

The table numbers. You got a crab badge if you were on Erik’s side or an anchor badge if you were from Kelley’s side!

RSVP Cards | www.amylorrainephotography.com

On the RSVP cards we were asked to draw a pictures or decorate the back of the card and  they were on display for everyone to see!Instagram Photobooth #CampHohl | www.amylorrainephotography.com

The instagram photobooth pictures can be found at @anchorandcrab or #camphohl on Instagram.  They are hilarious! Table Decorations | www.amylorrainephotography.com

The cute table decorations and centerpieces!Dessert | www.amylorrainephotography.com

S’mores, cakes, pies, girl scout cookies, ect… How can you not love this?Anchor and Crab |www.amylorrainephotography.com

The chocolate anchor and crabs!Games | www.amylorrainephotography.com

There were various tables with different kinds of games and Erik made their very own cornhole game!



Camp Hoffman | www.amylorrainephotography.com

Camp Hoffman was the Girl Scouts Camp that Kelley went to as a girl. The ceremony was right on the water and the reception was at the Dining Hall. It was so beautiful!www.amylorrainephotography.com

The Horse Head | www.amylorrainephotography.com

The horse mask was a HUGE hit!
Shot of Jameson | www.amylorrainephotography.com Instead of the traditional champagne toast, everyone got a shot of Jameson.


Erik, He is your father! and the campfire to end the night!


The last Dunkin Donuts of the trip! www.amylorrainephotography.com

Sunday we had lunch at Crazy Burger, drove around, stopped at Point Judith and gave my sister a temporary comb over.


And while we were waiting for our flight home, I kept us entertained with the Face Swap app!

I am still working on my wedding gift to the happy couple and will be sharing with you all after they see it first!

Happy Mothers Day | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

This post is dedicated to my¬†Mom. I have been blessed with the best and most supportive mom a girl could want. Although I’ve caught on to her infamous.. ‚ÄúI‚Äôm just going to run into Walmart real quick.. I‚Äôll just be a minute‚ÄĚ line but I’ve learned the problem is that people like her and she‚Äôs friends with many. She even somehow manages to make friends in a ‚Äúquick‚ÄĚ Walmart run with complete strangers.

Marvelous Mentionable Momma's | www.amylorrainephotography.com

She has blessed my siblings and me with a pretty awesome upbringing. (I do have to credit my dad as well but its not fathers day.. now is it?) She was a stay at home mom and would help out with our preschool classes as well. It¬†wasn’t¬†until she was pregnant with my sister that our church¬†asked her to be in charge of the ‚Äúplaygroup‚ÄĚ which turned into Little Lambs Preschool and she is still the Director. She also is my favorite assistant to help with my photo shoots and those of you have already had sessions with me, know how awesome she is with kids.

Marvelous Mentionable Mommas | www.amylorrainephotography.com Marvelous Mentionable Mommas | www.amylorrainephotography.com

I know I don’t say this enough. Mom, I love you. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for me. Happy Mothers Day. You’re the best.