Happy Mothers Day | AmyLorrainePhotography.com

This post is dedicated to my Mom. I have been blessed with the best and most supportive mom a girl could want. Although I’ve caught on to her infamous.. “I’m just going to run into Walmart real quick.. I’ll just be a minute” line but I’ve learned the problem is that people like her and she’s friends with many. She even somehow manages to make friends in a “quick” Walmart run with complete strangers.

Marvelous Mentionable Momma's | www.amylorrainephotography.com

She has blessed my siblings and me with a pretty awesome upbringing. (I do have to credit my dad as well but its not fathers day.. now is it?) She was a stay at home mom and would help out with our preschool classes as well. It wasn’t until she was pregnant with my sister that our church asked her to be in charge of the “playgroup” which turned into Little Lambs Preschool and she is still the Director. She also is my favorite assistant to help with my photo shoots and those of you have already had sessions with me, know how awesome she is with kids.

Marvelous Mentionable Mommas | www.amylorrainephotography.com Marvelous Mentionable Mommas | www.amylorrainephotography.com

I know I don’t say this enough. Mom, I love you. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for me. Happy Mothers Day. You’re the best.

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