Today’s After Photo Session Treat!

After the ADORABLE Brooke’s 6 month session this week was over my Mom & I stopped into Olive Garden for lunch!

2013-02-09_0001 copy

Peach Belini Tea, Salad & Breadsticks? YES PLEASE! I could have gone home after that, but….

2013-02-09_0002 copyParmesan Potato crusted Chicken in a creamy garlic sauce. Along with chocolate mousse cake & Italian caramel coffe.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries… Soaked in Vodka





Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? I decided to try out these soaked in vodka for the Alice in Wonderland party.2013-01-30_0003 copy


All you need is a bottle of vodka, strawberries and chocolate melts! Simple & easy recipes = my specialty

2013-01-30_0004 copySince I didn’t get the strawberries until the day before the party I put them into our Vacuum Sealer container. It helped marinade the vodka through the strawberries quicker and let soak over night in the refrigerator.

2013-01-30_0002 copy

Drain the vodka and save for later! Pat dry the strawberries and then dip in the melted chocolate. I put them in the freezer until they hardened.

2013-01-30_0001 copy