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Five on Friday | June 11 2013 |


1. These are my favorite twins! It is NEVER a dull moment when I go out with these two. Had a blast going out in Annapolis on Saturday!

2. Chocolate chip waffles! I don’t even think I need to say anything else.

3. This was my Throwback Thursday of the week. Two of my best friends Kristie and Brittany, circa 2006, my senior year in high school! I’m so excited to get to spend the weekend with them and my other best friend Ali at Brittany’s place in Pennsylvania!

4. Once again.. whats with this weather. Crazy loud thunderstorms and pure gloominess. Ready for some sunshine!

5. Love this quote. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! So true. Just be yourself because you can’t please everyone.

Five On Friday | February 22


Someone got a hair cut! Oh wait, who could it be? Yes. I chopped off over 5 inches! Still getting used to it, I havent cut my hair short in 8 years! Lovin it2013-02-21_0002

Oh how I love getting new jewelry. I also am known to lose it so I used the sale at Forever 21 to add to the collection! Bows  & Hearts and sparkle! YES PLEASE!


I havent got my nails done in a long time, and I usually always get the simple french manicure but along with the hair change.. I needed a nail change so I went with a bright barbie pink and fun design! Makes me want spring and summer to hurry up already!!?


Its no secret I don’t like seafood, but I went out on a limb and tried sushi a year ago.. I love it! Of course I only eat Shrimp Tempura (Fried Shrimp and the ONLY kind of seafood I will eat) along with a vegetable roll. Ziki’s Japanese Steakhouse in Annapolis… NEW FAVORITE. I mean they put tempura batter on the sushi and fried the whole roll too. Who can go say no to that?2013-02-21_0005Once again.. Who doesn’t love a Nicholas Sparks book turned movie? Everybody does! My favorite all time movie is A Walk To Remember, and Save Haven isn’t too far behind. It was really good with just enough sappy love story. I didn’t read the book, but I know others who said they weren’t disappointed. Highly recommend paying to see this one ladies & gents 🙂


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