Five On Friday | September 27th 2013

Five on Friday |

1. Candy Corn Candle..  it’s almost out and its not even October yet!

2. I got a card from a Staples sales rep and this was the front of the card.

3. Adrianna May turned 4 this past week. She was REALLY excited that her new my little pony can really walk!

4. Throwback Thursday. The first time I went from blonde to brunette.

5. Sweaters and shirts for a new fall wardrobe. Thank you H&M and Victoria’s Secret for your sales!


Norah’s First Birthday Cake Smash | Anne Arundel County, Maryland Photographer

I had such a blast photographing Norah’s first birthday cake smash! Her mom not only made her tutu but she also made the smash cake herself!
First Birthday Cake Smash |
First Birthday Cake Smash | First Birthday Cake Smash | www.amylorrainephotography.comFirst Birthday Cake Smash | First Birthday Cake Smash |  First Birthday Cake Smash | First Birthday Cake Smash | First Birthday Cake Smash |

How adorable is she?! She is the definition of a happy baby!

My Toy Story 24th Birthday Party |

On Saturday we celebrated my birthday with my family. Its actually on the 11th but we had dinner early this year!Toy Story Birthday Party |

The Woody and Buzz and Slinky Dog were already mine but my mom found the Army Men at the Dollar Store!Toy Story Birthday Party |

Some of my favorite quotes and a Woody and Jessie Pez dispenser.Toy Story Birthday Party |

The inflatable jet pack may or may not be used for this years Halloween Costume. 🙂 And since I have a major sweet tooth, the desert bar was a must!Toy Story Birthday Party |

Jessie’s Chocolate Bites, Buzz Lightyear’s Moon Rock Candy, Alien Cupcakes, Barbie & Ken’s Gum Balls and Bo Peep’s Marshmallow Pops!Toy Story Birthday Party |

Pizza Planet Cheeseball & Crackers and Hamm’s Roll Ups for Appetizers. I somehow managed to forget to get a pictures of Bullseye’s Meatballs, and thats probably because they were so delish! We gobbled them all up.Toy Story Birthday Party |

The alien cupcakes tasted a lot better than they may have looked. But you know.. we’re not up for Cupcake Wars.Toy Story Birthday Party |

The entertainment before dinner! Who knew a 14 year old and a 3 year old would get along so well with the same toy!Toy Story Birthday Party |

The sides for dinner were Baked Mr.Potato Heads and The Army Men’s Mixed Veggies!
Toy Story Birthday Party |

And the main course, thanks to my chef brother, Rex’s Dinosaur Egg-Plant Parmesan and Slinky Dog’s Chicken Nuggets. It was amazing!Toy Story Birthday Party |

And of course they needed a picture of me with my Toy Story sweatshirt and sippy cup. My mom made Woody’s Ice Cream Cake and a picture of my beautiful birthday roses! Thanks for everyone who came over and helped me celebrate!

DIY Beer Cake | Amy Lorraine Photography

DIY Beer Cake |

Last week I helped my mom put together this beer cake for a friend’s surprise birthday so I thought it would be great to put together for my brother’s birthday with Half & Half Arnold Palmers!DIY Beer Cake |

Its very easy to make! You will need:

-30 can beverages (can be more or less depending on your cake sizes)

-ribbon and decorations

-circle cardboard cut outs

DIY Soda Cake |

Put the first circle cardboard cut out down wherever you want the cake to be displayed. Not intended to travel. Then add the bottom layer of cans. Ours both had 14 on the bottom. Then place next smallest cardboard on top and add middle later of cans. Repeat with the top layer of cardboard and cans. Finish with ribbon around each layer to secure and curling ribbon throughout for decorations. Decorate the rest until you’re complete!

Celebrating March Birthdays | Amy Lorraine Photography

Yesterday we celebrated my brothers 28th birthday and my grandmothers.. 39th birthday! 😉


Even though its supposed to snow on Wednesday I can hope Spring is around the corner. Just waiting for flowers to bloom.

Party decorations 🙂2013-03-03_0004

Yummy appetizers of course!2013-03-03_0005

Rufus & Roxie waiting for our guests to arrive.2013-03-03_0002Instead of spending money on helium balloons, use double sided tape & regular balloons and tape them to the ceiling!

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated my future Sister-In-Law, Kelley’s birthday with an Alice in Wonderland theme!
2013-01-29_0001 copy

My mom turned the flask into a heart lollipop vase & I hung up the cards, dress and keys to the window. The White rabbit was next to a jar.. that was supposed to be filled with cookies…. Ooops!
2013-01-29_0004 copy

Even though it has recently snowed we had some flamingos stop by and the talking doorknob was a simple print out I added to the door!

2013-01-29_0003 copy

The mini Alice was actually from a happy meal toy I got years ago. Which I used for a school project as well. 2013-01-29_0002 copyWhats a tea party with out tea cups? And we didn’t forget to get the Queen red roses!

2013-01-29_0006 copy

For appetizers we had Bill the Lizard’s Olive Cheese Spread and Crackers, The Caterpillar’s Stuffed Mushrooms and Dormouse’s Cheese Dip and Tortilla Chips!

2013-01-29_0007 copyMaeby is Erik and Kelley’s baby dog.. although she had the body of a pig and snorts like one too. We love her anyway.

2013-01-29_0010 copy 2013-01-29_0013 copyDinner included The White Queen’s Spinach Pasta, The White Rabbit’s Tossed Salad, March Hare’s Glazed Carrots and The Cheshire Cat’s Crab Cakes!
2013-01-29_0011 copy

We sang happy birthday & she got to blow out her candles on a tower of cupcakes of course!
2013-01-29_0008 copy

For dessert we ate Alice’s Lemon Cupcakes, The Queen of Heart’s Chocolate Bites, and Tweedledee & Tweedledums Chocolate Covered Vodka Soaked Strawberries. (The recipe and how to is coming later this week! You don’t want to miss it!) 2013-01-29_0009 copy

2013-01-29_0012 copySomeone had a little bit too much fun. She’s quite the party animal.2013-01-29_0005 copy

I can’t wait for the wedding! I got my plane tickets booked. Rhode Island here we come!