Five on Friday | Amy Lorraine Photography

Five on Friday | June 5 2013 |


1. Its a lens, its a mug.. its a lens mug! How cute. Finally getting this birthday present to good use!

2. Aren’t these earrings super cute!? I won them in a giveaway hosted by Hey Diddle Diddle Photography! Thanks Kate! I LOVEEEEE THEM 🙂 They’re from Bevin Bold Jewelry!

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries anyone? I’m actually not a big fan of strawberries by itself, unless there is a lot of sugar or whipped cream covering them. But dipped in chocolate? OKAY, that works too!

4. We haven’t had much of a summer so far. I can’t believe its already July and I have not been to the beach or a pool! Rain, go away!

5. My mom and brother made dinner. It was delicious! Homemade Mac n Cheese, BBQ Chicken, Watermelon and Corn Salsa. I could probably eat Mac n Cheese everyday, but then again who wouldn’t?


Christmas in March |

Who doesn’t like to get happy mail? I love it, especially when the box is even this dang cute! I didn’t recognize the name and  being the avid online shopper that I am,I wasn’t expecting anything. To my surprise it was the secret santa present I had forgotten about!Photographer Secret Santa |

I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange for fellow photographers. I totally forgot I never received mine. There was the nicest card from my Santa and its always better late than never! Photographer Secret Santa |

My favorites would have to be the camera necklace (which the stone matches the awesome scarf) and the camera ornament. Who doesn’t love anything that sparkles? So thank you Holly! I loved it all!

Why are Digital Files so expensive? | Amy Lorraine Photography

Depending on the type of photographer you go to for your portraits you will find varying prices to get “all the images on a CD”. I wanted to write this post to help you understand why they are so expensive valuable!

First things first, I do offer digital files in my collections and a la carte as I know some photographers do not. I offer the files because I know I would want them from my portrait sessions and I understand in such a digital age everyone wants the files. I also offer web sized images for sharing online and I now offer custom apps that hold the images from your session so you can share on your iPhone, iPad and iTouch! However, as an artist I want you to have your own works of art. I want you to smile every time you look at your images on the wall or in your album.

Now getting to the money part.. They really aren’t that expensive. It just seems expensive because you’re getting them all together. If you bought a 4×6 print of each file if would be more expensive than buying the digital files from me. And when you purchase the files you’re purchasing the rights to print these images whenever, wherever (although I don’t recommend just anywhere) and as many times you want for a lifetime.

And now to the problem with only getting the files.. Who knows what technology will advance to in the years to come.. that CD or USB might not be able to work on computers. Apple is already getting rid of CD drives on their computers, and that is part of the reason I use custom USB flash drives instead of CDs. If you get your prints from a professional photographer who gets their images printed from a professional photography lab, you will be getting the archival quality images. Those images will last you a lifetime.

“But theres another photographer who does the whole session and gives me the disc for X amount. Can you just do that?”

No, I can’t. Everyone runs their business differently. I choose to run my business as a boutique photography on location business. I want to spoil my clients from start to finish creating a luxury experience custom to their needs and wants, while giving them photographs they will cherish for a lifetime. My prices have been carefully figured out for my business. If you want that shoot and burn photographer or you want to stop in a chain photo studio, go to them! I’m sure they’d love your business. Everyone has their own style, preference and price range so find out what is best for you!

Hope this gives a better understanding but if you have any other questions feel free to comment or message me!