Five On Friday | September 13th 2013

Five On Friday | September 13th 2013 |

1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL! It is my favorite time of year. I LOVE the weather, clothes, halloween and all the smells. YUM!

2. Need I say anything? Donuts make any day better.

3. The faint little sailboat got to spend all the day on the bay. Was a little jealous being stuck inside all day!

4. Apparently I’m not the only one excited for Fall. Here’s 20 reasons why. (minus Homecoming because I’m now too old for that!)

5. My dog was so afraid of the thunderstorm she ran into my room and tried to hide under my vanity. She really doesn’t understand that she’s a little too big.



Monthly Quote | March 2013

Its time again for the monthly quote and for March the quote is
Take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey“. – Kristi Bartlett.

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March Quote Challenge | Amy Lorraine Photography
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Five on Friday

photo 1

Is it wierd that I love watching milk or creamer mix with tea? Maybe. But it looks cool. Future video coming…

photo 2

I have a huge DVD collection. Just added these yesterday! Completed Boy Meets World Series!
photo 4

Reading magazines with this article? As much as my mom wants to be a grandma.. I’m sure she wouldn’t do this… but hey! Whatever floats your 5

Neptunes in North Beach, MD. Must go eat there. Their chicken parmigiana¬†is my FAVORITE! They also have amazing seafood dishes, as I’m told. I don’t each seafood so I cant suggest anything. But uhhhh, This is so wonderful.¬†throwbackThe bay was half frozen and snow on the ground, but the¬†view from this little town can be so¬†beautiful.

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