Kelley’s Bridal Shower |

Yesterday I spent the day at my soon to be sister in laws bridal shower. We all had so much fun! I can’t wait until the wedding.. Only  40 days left!

Table Decorations |

It was fabulous with Girl Scout Cookies and Mimoas.Soon To Be Mrs. |

The Guest of Honor, Kelley!Decorations and Pictures  |

Some old pictures of Kelley and some star wars pictures too!Love is patient bracelet |

Opening gifts.. This is a bracelet from my mom with the love is patient quote on it.Door Knocker |

A really adorable engraved door knocker with the quote “We’re All Mad Here” from Alice in Wonderland.Wine Glasses |

Kelley’s last name is Barr and so we did the play on words.. The Hohl’s Barr!  Cute Pillow |

This awesome pillow was a gift from my cousins!DIY Bridal Shower Gift |

This is the gift my sister and I put together for Kelley. My brothers name is Erik and my other brother Brian couldn’t pronounce it an so Air-Wick was perfect fit to replace his name.Parrty  | amylorrainephotography.comAnchor and Crab  |

The Crab and Anchor is the family crest they created.Mothers |

The Mothers!Happy Couple |

Happy Couple  | Happy Couple | amylorrainephotography.comThe happy couple! and if you can’t already tell my brother is the worst model ever. Thanks Erik.

Party Favors  | amylorrainephotography.comAnd the awesome “Always Be Prepared” Party Favors 🙂